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We make our experience, passion and intellectual capital available to you via our people. Background on our Managing Director, John Wulff.

John started his career as a Defence Force Officer and this was the first time he experienced strategy, leadership and coaching first hand. This foundation was to stand John in good stead for the future. John’s dedication to the task at hand as well as the outcomes he produced meant receipt of multiple commendation certificates along his journey.

John then joined a major bank in Africa and started at grassroots level and worked his way up to senior management levels at a very early age. Building a very impressive track record, John received numerous performance awards for his direct involvement in various change management projects with amongst others Bain Capital, corporate strategic initiatives, solid personal as well as his various sales teams performances.

Seeking a new challenge John moved to Barclays Bank in Africa. The two main components of this challenge was management of an extensive and segmented sales force across the country as well as being part of the pioneering team to set up non-branch banking. This was so successful that it became Barclays global flagship example of how to approach this client acquisition channel. This also afforded global exposure and development of an international perspective so critical in today’s business world.

Upon initial arrival into Australia, John spent two years working for Westpac solving some critical business issues within Business Banking

John left Westpac to start Wulff International Pty Ltd in 2010, again working across a range of businesses from manufacturing, pharmaceuticals, specialist manufacturing, medical, financial services, and services related businesses to name a few categories. He has helped numerous Australian businesses navigate the strategic realms of business from operational issues across all disciplines, to large acquisitions and divestments.

On an overarching level it is important to mention that it was in the late eighties when John first began to work with businesses of all types and sizes and was mandated to approve banking lending for the same. This experience and knowledge would grow substantially over a period of now 32 years where he has continued to work with businesses all around the world in various capacities to impart his knowledge and expertise to improve their performance and outcomes.

John has built an impressive bank of practical knowledge combined with an entrepreneurial flair, backed up with an MBA from the prestigious Henley Business School in the UK. He also has Business Turnaround Certification from the University of Pretoria (South Africa). John is a certified coach and he has also facilitated training for Chifley Business school.

This unique combination of skills and expertise means that customers experienced delivery on a totally new level and on competitive par with the best of breed international consulting firms. Wulff International provides personalized service and interaction to all it’s clients. John & the team are ideally placed to assist small to medium sized businesses with all their Strategic, Corporate Advisory and Marketing needs!

I saw the angel in the marble and carved until I set him free.
~ Michelangelo